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Grow your platform with powerful, secure and fast VPS Servers that are made for monster tasks.
Vps Hosting

Excel Your Platform With VPS Hosting​

All of our VPS Servers use super fast SSD technology starting at $4.99/mo!

Scout VPS

The best business startup solution

Starts at

$6.99 / mo
$5.00 USD Setup Fee

  • Single Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 300 GB Bandwidth


Adventurer VPS

The best business startup solution

Starts at

$9.99 / mo
$5.00 USD Setup Fee

  • Dual Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 500 GB Bandwidth

Galactic VPS

The best business startup solution

Starts at

$14.99 / mo
No Setup Fee

  • Quad Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 80 GB Disk Space
  • 800 GB Bandwidth

Customizable And Full Control

We are continually looking for the bestcheapest deals for your domain name. That’s why we have the cheapest.

Secure and Lightning Speeds

Once you buy or transfer a domain to our service, your information will be kept safe, stopping strangers from seeing your personal information

We Stand Out From Our Competitors

No matter the plan, you will be guided throughoutyour journey with us, and guranteed the best technical support team money can buy.

All Of Our VPS Features

Experience ultimate features that will boost your business like nothing before.

Our VPS products come equipped with super fast Solid State Drive (SSD) performance that enhances your caching, database queries and much more. Meet true speeds that are 200% faster than average Hard Drvies (HDDs).

Easy Admin/Unlimited Accounts
Our admin platform is a feature-rich and super friendly working environment for all your adminining needs. We offer unlimited accounts so you can expand your workforce.
Root Access

You will be able to enchance your VPS environment with complete root access privileges across the board. You don’t need to feel a prinsoner within your own server, it is all in your hands.

Monitoring And Alerts
We monitor all of our servers 24/7 so you don’t have to. It’s our job to give you optimal performance across the board. Monitoring isn’t useful without alerts, if something doesn’t seem right we will let you know.
Data Centers
A lot of our Data centers are located in Europe, where you will experience the fastest speeds with Europe being the leading innovators of server architecture and data management.
Security And Privacy
Breaches and hackers have become more prominent today as technology increases. Your data and infrastructure will be proteced with advanced DDOS protection and CageFS Hack Protection. It’s time to feel safer in an online world.

Our SSD VPS Plans Vs VPS Competitors​

You won’t find anywhere cheaper.
Webblaze Hosting - Galatic VPS
Hostinger - VPS Plan 2
Hostgator - Snappy 2000
4 GB
6 GB
80 GB (SSD)
40 GB
120 GB
800 GB
2000 GB
1500 GB
$9.99 USD/mo
No Taxes and fees
$19.95 USD/mo
+ $3.99 Taxes and Fees
$79.97 USD/mo
+ $1.98 Taxes and Fees

Why Webblaze Hosting?

Your value as a customer is imperical for us, you will be covered with our knowledgeable, friendly and professional Support Staff on all of our plans.

Your privacy and security is our top priority at Webblaze Hosting. We will always put the rights of individuals and our customers first.

We only use the top premium products and features. This is why we are able to excel your business without breaking your wallet. If it isn’t premium, we will not offer it.

VPS Hosting FAQ​

Find the best answers to our frequently asked questions about VPS hosting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a type of hosting that allows you to share different elements of a server, this includes physical resources such as disk space, memory (RAM), processing (CPU). Sharing these physical elements of a server will benefit greatly as it gives you access to more powerful features, including your own control panel, where you can manage, configure your VPS and install custom scripts, software(s), allowing you to upload more dynamic and powerful content to your server, this can even include a web application.

Our VPS services are very fast and secure using the best encryption technologies in the industry, protecting you from unauthorised access, data leaks and from the bad guys (black-hat hackers) who seek to disrupt, steal or damage your online assets.

You can own one of our VPS server packages for as little as $8.49/mo, using CentOS 7.X 64Bit Operating System (recommended, but not required) where you will be provided an Easy Admin account, with unlimited accounts to expand your workforce, alongside root access, monitoring and alerts, and our assurance on the best security protection.


All of our VPS plans are Fully-Managed by us, so you don’t have to worry about being lumbered with the technical bits. We will ensure your server is continually updated, and if you ever need help installing anything, we are here to help. Your fully managed VPS means you will have a cPanel license, accessing you to a powerful panel where you can do your magic, a true fast server at your fingertips.

However, if you do wish to self-manage your VPS, we will allow you to get stuck in, giving you free reign over your server. The capability is truly endless!

All of our VPS Hosting plans are indivudally crafted to the needs of our customer’s, you don’t just get a VPS Hosting plan, you get a truly dynamic and immersive configuration dedicated to your own needs. As a result, our VPS deliveres may take a while and can take up to 3-4 hours, in addition, machines with the VPS service are setup after your order is processed.

It is important to note that VPS services tend to differ as configurations can change in order to adhere to the customer’s needs and the services they require. It is essential that these needs are met with the greatest level of prefessionalism and attention-to-detail so no errors occur during the configuration of the server.

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