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Protecting your domain is important to securing your online data as well as your clients who view your website. Unlike many providers and domain registars, we at Webblaze Hosting provide free SSL on all domain purchases

Domain Register, Transfers And Renew FAQ

Find the best answers to our frequently asked questions about hosting.

A domain name is a form of identity that you register for a website that you may want to have online for your business or personal use. Domain names act like street addresses, a home for your brand to be explored by people over the internet. You will find many domain names that are provided with different domain extentions, these extensions include; .com, .co, .net, .org,, and hundreds more. The most popular domains (.com,, .net, .org) are known as Top Level Domains (TLDs), these are the most popular and searched domain extentions you will find on the internet. We highly recommend you get a TLD for your website as this will increase more traffic to your website, and will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Why not try register or transfer a domain with us?

You can buy a domain with many web hosting providers over the internet. It’s super easy to own one. Search for a domain of your choice above in the search input, we will guide you along the way. It is highly recommended to look for .com domain extensions as they are Top-Level domains used and visited most frequently, your website will get more notability with .com domains.

You can purchase many different types of domain extensions, however only a handful of specific domain extensions will have restrictions on them, these generally require you to meet a certain criteria to authorize you to purchase these domains. Typically, restricted domains include .gov, .edu, .mil. Most country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) extensions over the internet are available for everyone to purchase, no matter the country you reside.

Yes of course! Whenever you search for a domain name using our domain tool, you will be assisted by offering you suggestions and alternatives with any domain you search. If you still experience any issues and need more support, our top-class support team is available to help you towards your best domain name for your business or personal use.

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