Welcome to Webblaze Hosting.

Our mission is to empower millions of people around the world to succeed on the internet, and to grow.

About us

Webblaze Hosting, a UK based hosting company provide affordable and secure all-in-one hosting solutions to empower individuals, entrepenuers and all businesses to succeed on the internet.

Our Goals

Our aim is to offer the most affordable hosting solutions out there in the industry, whilst maintaing the best quality, using the most up-to-date technologies. We beileve hosting can be done cheaply without breaking the bank.

Culture at the company

At Webblaze Hosting we are always energetic and passionatepeople. We all come from different cultures and backgrounds, creating safe and highly multicultral working environment.

We always strive to maintain the top professionalism whilst keeping an exuberent fun environment for our employees. We look out for each other and always ensure a safe, caring environment for everyone, even for our customers.

Who made this company possible?

Jack Ingle

Jack Ingle

CEO & Co-Founder

Jack founded the company in May 2020 at 23 years old. His vision is inspired to what Webblaze is today.

Ryan Singh

Ryan Singh

COO & Co-Founder

Ryan’s knowledge and skills as a developer, server manager and hardcore DC Nerd is what made this company possible.


Kaye De Lima

Social Media Head

Kaye’s delightful attitude and passion for social media is something to be adored, she rocks!

We’re going global

Our servers spread to the UK, Germany, United States and Canada, with employees that work across the globe remotely in their own home!

Our Correspondence

Devilium LTD,

27 Old Gloucester Street.



United Kingdom

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